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Balogh István Péter
István Péter Balogh was born in 1950 in Budapest. He graduated from the University of Fine Arts in 1979. His master was Ignác Kokas. István Péter Balogh has been being the associate of the Hungarian Creative Artists National Association since 1979 and the Hungarian Artists-and Industrial Artists Association since 1995. He is a regular participant of the domestic and international colony of artists. His works can be found in private collections and in public institutions.


9946 Velemér, Fő u. 28.
Tel.: (36)06 94 444 230
Mobile: 06 30 495 4930
06 70 609 3151
E-mail: bip50@freemail.hu

"...István Péter Balogh is a philosopher painter. All of his paintings contain a condensed idea of existence, which naturally waits for the spectator's explanation. His abstract paintings are expressive and they tend towards surrealism, on which the painter initiates chain of ideas by means of movement, colour and rhythm - so the spectator's experience is a sort of coproduction between himself and the composer. Figurative themes have been on his palette recently"

Dr. Pogány Gábor art historian

I just "let" myself paint. As a first step I usually have an idea of the colours I am going to use. However, at that point I do not know what the painting will depict: a protagonist or a villain. After some time something calls out from the picture and I try to seize it. If I manage to do so, a dialogue will start between me and the painting, and the moment may arrive that some spirit will possess the paint. Capturing this is a feeling I should not let go....

More considerable exhibitions:

1987. Budapest, Derkovits hall ¬+ 1989. Zalaegerszeg, Kisfaludy Stróbl hall + 1990. Lyon (F) + 1991. Kaposvár, Bernáth Aurél hall + 1992. Fürstenfeld (A) + 1995. Körmend, Gallery + 1996. Budapest, Újlipótvárose Clubgallery + 1997. Budapest, Congress Center + 1999. Sopron, Pannónia Gallery + 2000. Budapest, Újlipótvárosi Clubgallery + 2000. Budapest, Hungarian State Operahouse, Vörös Szalon Gallery + 2000. Szombathely, Isis Gallery + 2002. Güssing (A) + 2002. Balatonfüred, Art-East Gallery + 2002. Fehring (A) + 2003. Debrecen, DOTE Gallery + 2004. Sárvár, Nádasdy-vár + 2005. Öriszentpéter, Clubhouse + 2005. Budapest, Csiki-hegyek Gallery + 2006. Körmend, Sala Terrena Gallery + 2007. Budapest, Újlipótvárosi Clubgallery + 2008. Pécs, Ferenczy hall - Lendva (Slo), Bánffy-Hungarian Cultural Center – Budapest, OTP Bank Gallery